EMPATH-WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? ARE YOU ONE? THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF EMAPTHS..🤔articles that explain the concept in a very simple and concise manner from Soulspottv.com.-with an Addendum by Starzlete (KM) BS, MSW.

  • There are a few ways you can use your gift As an EMP-First you must figure out which type of Empath you are-it can be a combination of a few or all of the types. I found a great quick reference guide.

From soulspotttv.com

10 Types Of Empaths: Which One Are You?
Are You An Empath?
If you are an Empath, you will experience a combination of some or all of the following symptoms:
* You absorb other people’s emotions like a sponge, carrying them as your own.
* When someone close to you is physically ill, you can feel this as physical pains in your body.
* You often suffer from physical or mental fatigue and tiredness.
* You find Solitude immensely refreshing, and you require it to “recharge”.
* You often experience many mood swings or emotional states throughout the day.
* Witnessing violence or cruelty is unbearable to you.
* You are a very good listener.
* People often come to you with their problems.
* Animals and children are attracted to you.
* You are caring and nurturing by nature.
* You are hyper-aware of the physical environment, e.g. to smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing, etc.
* You can’t stand interpersonal conflict.
* Crowded places are very overwhelming you. 

10 Types Of Empaths-from Soulspottv.com added introduction and commentary by Starzlete (KM), B.S., MSW

While being an Empath can have its many positives and benefits, it can also weigh us down heavily with confusion, disorientation and anxiety.  That is why it’s important to put a name to what we individually experience to better understand ourselves, and identify others who share the same abilities as us

For this reason, I have included the information from a Soulspottv.com (below a list, and small description, of each type ofEmpath). C By understanding who you are, what gifts you possess and where you stand in life, you will be able to begin the path of Involution.

1. Claircognizant Empath

This is usually defined by the ability to simply know something needs to be done, or is true or misleading, without having any basis in logic or reason.  Often this type of Empath will just “know” when something is right to do, or not, or when someone is lying or hiding something.

2. Emotionally Receptive Empath

Most Empaths are emotionally receptive, and can physically and emotionally feel the emotions from other people before they are even expressed.

3. Physically Receptive Empath

Many Empaths are also physically receptive to other people’s illnesses and bodily pains.  This often manifests itself in the Empath’s own body, and can be an especially useful skill in healing.

4. Fauna Empath

This type of Empath can hear, feel and interact with animals.

5. Flora Empath

This type of Empath can communicate with plants, being able to receive physical and emotional signals.

6. Geomantic Empath

The Geomantic Empath can read the energy and signals transmitted by the earth.  Many are able to feel/predict natural disasters before they occur.

7. Medium Empath

This type of Empath can either see, hear, feel (or a combination of these elements) spirits, usually from deceased individuals.

8. Psychometric Empath

This manifests itself as the ability to receive information, energy and impressions from physical objects, e.g. photographs, clothing, jewelry, utensils, etc.

9. Precognitive Empath

This type of Empath can feel the occurrence of an event or situation before it actually happens.  This is usually manifested in dreams, or as physical/emotional sensations, for instance: dread, anxiety, or excitement.

10. Telepathic Empath

The ability to accurately read a person’s unexpressed thoughts is the main defining feature of the Telepathic Empath.


Being an Empath can be difficult and confusing, but with awareness of your gifts and abilities, you can refine them and use them to guide, heal and protect yourself and the people you love.

My hopes are that the information within this article can continue to make ripples within your life.  Please share with me any stories or experiences you have below.  This will help all of us broaden our knowledge and understanding of what it is to be an Empath!

Recommended Author: Aletheia Luna

Aletheia Luna is the author of “Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World”  and “Quiet Strength: Embracing, Empowering and Honoring Yourself as an Introvert” . She is the cofounder, editor and author of popular self-discovery website LonerWolf.com. As a transformational mentor and holistic writer, she has helped to guide thousands of people all throughout the world on their paths of self-acceptance and wholeness. You can follow her work and private updates on Facebook and Goodreads. 

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Additional information provided by Starlete (KM) BS, MS

I Think it is important to put a name, emotion, and response to your individual life experiences. You must understand, love, and respect yourself first of all. Keeping a journal and reflecting on important events/situations that are “triggers” for you and process your feelings with a counselor, Experienced Empath, or Mentor. Most professional counsellors may not believe in this so It may be best not to reveal you are an EMPATH unless you are sure  they are open to these IDEAS…especially if you hear and see things. Yes it common for an Empath and I do believe in various types of mental illness..so if you are prescbribed medication…do not stop taking it!

You can learn to identify others who share the same abilities as you. I was able to find a great support system on social media. Network with these other individuals and if you are lucky enough you may be able to find an Experienced Empath to mentor you as I did. Now I am returning the favor and I have started mentoring another newly discovered Empath. I have started by trying to build up her confidence and self esteem. I have made a commitment to teach her & work with her just as my mentor helped me.

Thank you for reading the wonderful and simple article I listed above along with the link- and of course I have given credit to the gifted writers and Soulspottv.com & Aletheia Luna- please check out her other writings.

Maybe now You may have an idea if you are possibly an empath and which type or combination of Traits you possess. If you plan on using this gift to heal/or guide others-(often referred to as being an EMP healer) you must first learn must how to control your reaction br to your own emotions/sensations and Educate yourself more on this topic and if possible take courses. You need to  find a way or to “recharge” or heal yourself. If you are an empath you are special….Though  it may feel like a curse at first..once you learn how to view it as a gift and turn the chaos into blessings you will defintely know why you were chosen to be special. Own it and love yourself..Most people walk around with blinders on. I believe empaths are use a larger percentage of their brain then the average human. You are in tune to and pick up on things most people can not see, hear, smell, feel, and understand. Your soul is selfless and often you are able to relieve pain of other beings. You are beautiful. You are intelligent. You are rare and unique. Only you can determine what is best for you. 

  If you plan on using this gift to heal/or guide others-(often referred to as being a faith healer or EMP healer) you must first learn how to control and protect yourself from 3 essential things. 

#1)Personal baggage-mixing your own difficult life experiences such as traumatic experiences/Illnesses you have had in your own life that are similar to the person you are guiding/& assisting. 

#2)”the noise”. If you are trying to help a subject & start finding the lines blurring..too much. Make sure if it gets to the point where you can not tell what is your “personal baggage”and the subjects actual issues you can not help them. You should terminate your services/ assistance. ALWAYS try to refer them to someone else. Usually this can be avoided by simply using good old fashioned common sense when choosing your clients. This is not always easy to do as it is your nature as an Empath to always want to help. You want to avoid situations like this as you want to follow the creed of “DO NO HARM”. You do not want to (the saying goes) end up “being the blind leading the blind”. You want to use ethical practices at all times. 

#2 Obsessives/Psychic Vampires- people or spirits that develop unhealthy attachments to you or your radiating positive energy. Usually this is a person/spirit/or even perhaps another witch You may have helped at one point. After you Feel that you have doe everything in your power you could do to assist them then you need to set strict boundaries or they may start to come to you wanting assistance for ever single problem they have. I have one personal example. I helped a man who is a Christian preacher in a very poor area. I did a healing session via skype for his pregnant wife(usually you will need a picture and an object of theirs-preferably a lock of hair). If you do not have the ability to do distance healing do not attempt it. Anyway, after I terminated my services with him he harassed me constantly. He started begging me to send him money. You are not a bank and you are not to ever give or loan money to anyone or they will spread the word and then people will flood you with inappropriate requests. 

4) Know your limits and do not take on more than you can handle. I constantly receive social media requests/ chats/ with people asking for my assistance. People will start to be drawn to you;Sometimes in an overwhelming way. learn methods to And your fae/fairies will be waiting to re-charge or help heal you more quickly than it takes for the average faith healer/EMP to heal after doing this. I constantly receive social media requests/ chats/ with people asking for my assistance-people will start to be drawn to you Sometimes in an overwhelming or you may may have already experienced this. start to seethat is all i can really remember at this time..i do not want 



There are so many Magick Beings that are most commonly associated with Magick and the Occult that we Summon to assist us with our Magick Work…we call upon them…the Spirits Some Spirits …