There are so many Magick Beings that are most commonly associated with Magick and the Occult that we Summon to assist us with our Magick Work…we call upon them…the Spirits Some Spirits …



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  1. starzlete · September 24, 2016

    I love this it is very compact but informative. I do not however, not recommend this for new inexperienced witches unless you have your Mentor present with you. Most experienced practioners are willing to take on a student. It was a promise I made to my Mentors I have had over the years. I guess you could use the term “paying it forward”. You must make sure to do extensive research on how to cast a circle & how to prepare your altar for each entity. I personally like to do this type of work outdoors. I do not like doing any type of work indoors except for my candle making, witches stews, and astral projection. …etc. I have 2 sacred spaces outdoors. One where i do my potions, candle magic, make my witch bottles, and create my handmade talismans, etc..I call this my witchcave.. My second space is by my garden a large cleared area-with earth that I sprinkle with the appropriate herbs, resins, salts…and also i have a containable & portable fire pit & I bring my cauldron if necessary. I have a bricked in man made pond right next to this area. When using outdoor sacred spaces & altars I always recommend blessing your altar, tools, etc before beginning each new spell or ritul. You never know what has been in your areas while you were away..animals, mundanes, spirits, etc..Make sure to clear away all other energy not wanted. Some think this is too time consuming but I have found it to be essential for me. I have some very short but effective chants for doing this. Also I keep items from my ancestors on my person..this helps me draw from their power. I am a hedgewitch (solitary practioner) so I am often alone on this physical plane. Always protect yourself by having the proper talismans, herbs, and I always prepare an offering for the entity. One that is individually tailored for the entity. I am new to word press and I want to thank the author (hocuspocus13). Many blessings to all.


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