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Pentagram-1I recently caught a video made by Athena the Sage Goddess who spoke of Soul Mates and Twin Flames. Up until that point, I must confess to never having heard of an individual having more then one So…

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  1. Sistinas · November 1, 2016

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    Disclaimer: The following information is strictly my opinion and I am responding from my point of view. I do not have exact statistics to present and the belief systems I am referring to are from my view point and ideals being raised in the Southern United States.

    My Addendum to the discussion of Soulmates:
    I know it is a very popular belief that you have one..and only one true soulmate. I think this belief has been reinforced by the idea that fate would bring you together almost magically. This type of belief has been romanticized and reinforced in mainstream movies, books, fairy tales, songs, art.and other type if media. I feel this has also, been reinforced in some modern occult writings of various ideologies.
    However, The general consensus of both ideologies (the mundane and occult) is that this person is your “other half”. If you are lucky enough to find this other soul then you are finally “complete”. It is difficult to have faith In this modern age where divorce rates are at an all-time high. The idea has started to seem less like reality and more like a “fairy tale”. It saddens me that “broken families” and “multiple marriages” have started to become the new Norm. I personally believe that this has increased over the years because the last few generations have felt pressure to marry or commit to a long term relationship early on in their lives. Teen pregnancy has become more and more prevalent and less taboo.
    The old World beliefs I had studied when I was younger basically state that you have many different types of soul mates.
    Anyone, not just people drawn to the occult that believe in reincarnation often believe that there are more than ond type of soulmate.
    People that study or read about the ideology of discovering your Past Lives probably have similar beliefs although they may use different terminology.

    I am going to explain as best as I can recall what I was taught about the different types of Soul Mates & their function or purpose they may serve in your life.
    The first one I call “The Lover”or your one true love). In popular modern day writing s if you find your lover soulmate in the lifetime you get the “Happily ever after fairy tale”. If you read a lot of fairy tales ailments or curses placed upon a person (usually believed to be the work of “evil witches” or even further back in ancient civilizations by “The GODS”) can only be cured by “true love’s kiss.”. The next type of soulmate is what I call Kin soulmates. Kin soulmates are people that were or still are family. members in your current life or one of your past lives. When you find one of your Kin soulmates you feel a deep connectionwith that person but no feelings of romantic love or lust. Kin soulmates often people that you forge bonds with on a deep level. Although they may not in this lifetime be a “real blood relative” this person or an entire other family may be so close that you acknowledge them as a legitimate family member..I have 2 friends that my children call them aunt and uncle, etc. although they are not relatives. The Platonic Soulmate is a person that is often one of your best friends or closest confidant..the main differentiation from the last type the Kin Soulmate is that only you-not your entire family share a strong bound. There is also usually not a long lasting romantic love or lust..although if this person is of the then you may actually first date them or even have them as one of your lovers. This relationship may seem at first that they are the first type “your one and only Soulmate”. In the start of your relationship you may begin with a “whirlwind romance” and eventually the romantic novelty wears off with this person yet you still have much love and respect for them-if it is romantic and that aspect sometimes fizzles out.There are other types of soulmates..consider exploring your pastlives and you may find out why you sometimes meet a total stranger yet you already feel you have known them your whole life..fate sometimes opens new doors and also closes doors that maybe should have been shut. Happy Halloween/Samhain.


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