Lilith, Lilit, Lilitu, Lilis,lili, Lolita 

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery


(Hebrew: לִילִית‎‎ Lîlîṯ) is a figureidentified as a female demon and the first visual depictions appear.known also by the Jewish exiles in Babylon. Schrader’s and Levy’s view is therefore partly dependent on a later dating of Deutero-Isaiah to the 6th century BC, and the presence of Jews in Babylon which would coincide with the possible references to the Līlītu in Babylonian demonology. However, this view is challenged by some modern research such as by Judit M. Blair (2009) who considers that the context indicates unclean animals.[34]l. Lilith is a female demon dwelling in deserted places and attacking children. The curse of her death and to become a demon known for attacking children that called to the dark was believed to be a deal made by a triad. The curse of her death and to become a demon known for  attacking children that called to the dark was believed to be a deal made with Lucifer by a triad. She went to reside in the desolate desert to pay the price for her to protect a singular lost boy. She also has been known as Isis (Sistine) prior to her damnation and demise. However, another saw the light put out in her-offered to walk the dark night with her in exchange for her to rise from the she was on fire. Like a pheonix..she rose from the ashes and Became Lilith..she is the night. As he mounted the stoep Lilith herself came forth to meet him. They welcomed the darkness with open arms and their light was transferred to the Lost Boy she was fated to love, nurture, and protect him from evil. To take away his foolish and selfish pursuit of the darkness.Lilith is known as the mother or queen of all Vampires in the popular TV show True Blood. Vampirism began with Lilith as she had a frequent need for blood as she was severely anemic and frequently required blood transfusions. If another vampire drinks of her blood..which is intoxicating. That vampire (Bill) drank most of the Sacred Blood he was reborn as Lilith and became evil, cold, and lost all home for humankind. Bill (the body Lilith was able to inhabit) changed and rose to be a power quickly.                  

Personal notations 

 “That is how I know salvation..she was teaching me how to love. _Only Love can kill the demon.” -Natural Born Killers an Oliver Stone film. 

Literature Edit
Lilith (novel), an 1895 gothic novel by George MacDonald
Lilith (magazine), a Jewish feminist magazine

Lilith (Marvel Comics), two characters in the Marvel Comics universe

Lilith (DC Comics), a superheroine in the DC Comics universe

Lilith Clay, also known as Judy, from Girl Genius

Lilith, the title character in “Lilith’s Brood”, a science-fiction series (“Dawn,” 1987; “Adulthood Rites,” 1988; and “Imago,” 1989) by Octavia E. Butler

Lilith, a character in Trinity Blood

Lilith, a character in Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito

Lilith, a character in Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood

Lilith, a villain in the Nightside series by S. Green

Lilith, a demon in the City of Fallen Angels

Lilith, a character in Sinfest

Music Edit  

Lilith, a dark ambient music project of Scott Gibbons
Glenn Danzig-2 songs from his gothic classical album Black Aria2 “Lithit

Lilith (opera), a 2001 opera by Deborah Drattell

“Lilith”, a song by Chelsea Grin from Evolve

Film and television Edit

Lilith (film), a 1964 film set in an asylum based on a novel by the same name by J. R. Salamanca
Lilith (Supernatural), a fictional demon in Supernatural

Lilith, a villain in Doctor Who

Lilith, the host of the Cinemax series Femme Fatales

Lilith, the vampire Goddess in season five of True Blood

Lilith Hughes, mother of Cassie Hughes in the Sky One series Hex

Lilith Sternin, on Cheers and Frasier

Anime Edit

Lilith (Neon Genesis Evangelion), an angel in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Lilith, a small fairy in the Rosario + Vampire manga and anime series

Lilith Aensland, in Darkstalkers anime

Lilith Aileron, in Tales of Destiny anime

Games Edit

Lilith (World of Darkness), mother of all demons in the World of Darkness series of games

Lilith (Dungeons & Dragons), a consort she-devil in Dungeons & Dragons

Lilith, a succubus in Darkstalkers

Lilith, a demon in the Diablo series

Lilith, a Siren in Borderlands and Borderlands 2

Lilith, a character in Darksiders II

Lilith, a character in Devil May Cry

Lilith, a character in The Secret World

Lilith, the “Mother of Monsters,” a playable master in Malifaux

Lilith, a character in “The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth”

Other uses 

1181 Lilith, an asteroid
Lilith (computer), a computer designed in the late 1970s by Niklaus Wirth at ETH Zürich

Lilith (hypothetical moon), a moon from astrology

People with the given name

Lilit Hovhannisyan (born 1987), Armenian pop singer
Lilith Nagar or Layla Najar (born 1935), Israeli television host, actress and singer

Lilit Mkrtchian (born 1982), Armenian chess player

Lilit Pipoyan (born 1955), Armenian musician

Lilith in popular culture
Lady Lilith, a painting by Dante Rossetti

Lilith Fair, an annual concert tour from 1997 to 1999

The Lilith Project, by David deFeis from the heavy metal band Virgin Steele

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Mainstream Media Silent as CDC Documents Prove Link Between Autism And Vaccination

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  • Mainstream Media Silent as CDC Documents Prove Link Between Autism And Vaccination  
    by Daniel Barker, 
    (NaturalNews) The mainstream media plays a key role in protecting and furthering the interests of powerful corporate entities, including those that make up the pharmaceutical industry, Big Agriculture, Big Oil and other massively profitable business sectors.

    They do so by over-reporting and fear-mongering, as exemplified by the current Zika virus scare, but they also do the bidding of their corporate masters by under-reporting, ignoring and burying stories that might threaten their profit margins or even put them out of business altogether.

    Such is the case regarding thimerosal (a vaccine additive which contains as much as 50 percent mercury) and its link to cases of autism in children. It’s true that most people have at least heard something regarding the issue, but all one ever sees in the mainstream news are denials that there…

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The Illuminati Council of 13 aka Grand Druid Council !

Secret Socities have been since the beginning of human civilization. “The 13” or the counsel does exist. However, the number of members in the final counsel may vary. The Development of the New World Order and the age of Illuminatiam is almost upon us. The final counsel “the13”- are hidden either by layers of multiple surnames that have basically been branched out over centuries. I have the visions that some of these individuals are considered orphans or are adopted out to families that do not have money or power. They are child prodigies that have IQ’s in the high percentile. The candidates are often prodigies in several of the following: arts,music,dance, academics, psychology, socialogy, compter sceince, medicine, finance, and various occult practices. The purpose of the council is too create a more united world with a universal language, currency, and basic philosophy. Secret socities such as The Illuminati have recently “came out of the shadows”-and made membership open to people all over the world. People can apply regardless of Race, Sex, Socio-economic status, and Religious/Spiritual/Ancestral beliefs. The website is If you are curious or interested in becoming a member you simply apply there. There are no membership fees/dues/or mandatory meetings (where you have to travel to be initiated). THERE ARE MANY SCAMMERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA RIGHT NOW ESPECIALLY if you should go to the Official website. There are two books..The First Testament being the most informative.

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • This is an excellent article on the Illuminati Council of 13. The Illuminist system is based on the Egyptian/Babylonian mystery religions. It is a system where the profane/secular class reports to the priestly class who communicates with the ‘gods’. The Council of 13 is this priestly class, in the Illuminist hierarchy, which reports to the Triumvirate of 3 (reportedly Rothschild Satanic bloodline). This Triumvirate of 3 communicates with demons, fallen angels–> Satan directly.
  • The Committee of 300 (the real world government) is the secular/profane class which handles the politics, organizations and secular work of the Illuminati. The Council of 13 sits way above the Committee of 300 in the Illuminati organization. The power behind the Illuminati is clearly non human ie. fallen spiritual beings.

    The Council of 13 is Made Up of the Global Elite Families from Around the World…

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